Shag Rugs – Buy Online To Decorate Beautiful Home!

Shag rugs are like Muu-muus. When done right they are so comfortable and chic that you are convinced you’ll have a better life the second you commit. If we ever heard word “shag” then things came to our mind are gentle soft touch and light colored long hairy surface. We all love shaggy feel that’s why we have bought many shaggy product like as blankets, furniture, bed sheets, toys, etc. We also love to adopt shaggy pets too we have an idea to shaggy feel to your home. If you install shag rugs in bedroom and living room of your home, your love towards shaggy feel became increase. Shag rugs must buy according to the length of the shag and placement must be right so that your love about your shaggy feel remains for a long time. We have discussing about the some tips to buy shag rugs online.
The shag rugs are most common rugs which are mostly purchased by many peoples to decorate their beautiful homes. Shag rugs give soft, gentle and fluffy feels to us and feel more relaxed than any other rugs. There are many shag rugs in the market and also online but some are really bad to beware of these bad quality products; we are mentioning features of good quality shag rugs below:
Shag rugs must be selected according to the size of room. The shag rugs below surface must be no skid or you can rug pad. The size of the shag rug should be long. The shag must be moist free. A better shag rug is made of Polypropylene or Olefin. The shags of a shag rug must be strong and soft.
A shag rug installing is really a challenging task because it attracts dust. To keep away from the dust most and other factors of damaging shag rugs we recommend some places so that its durability will remain long lasting these are as:
Install it in your kid’s room, playroom for giving a gentle and soft surface for your kids. Shag rugs can be a good friend of teens. So, you can install it in their rooms. Don’t place a shag rug in the entrance area or in heavy traffic area of your home because there is the maximum probability of dust. Keep away from the pets. Don’t place it in the kitchen there is also the probability of damaging shag rugs. And you can place a shag rug in your living room also.
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Transitional Rugs – Best Thing To Decorate Your Home

Transitional rugs are the best combination of Traditional and Modern Area Rugs. These area rugs made by using transitional style that means classic with a contemporary twist. This fusion on area rugs gives a special appearance. If you love traditional art and living in a modern society that’s why want to decorate your home by giving a modern look with traditional touch then you must try Transitional Rug. Here’s we will discuss about the features, manufacturing and shopping of transitional area rugs.


There are many beautiful features of transitional rugs. If you tried to decorate your home by installing an oriental area rug of Traditional, Persian, Tribal or the modern rug like contemporary then you will also like a fusion of both area rugs. Along with this feature, we are mentioning some pros below:
Transitional rugs mostly made by using hand knotted technique, It will give your home modern traditional look. These area rugs may be made with materials like silk, wool. Transitional area rugs mostly available in rectangular shape. On these area rugs used more contrast colours to give contrasting traditional designs. The pile width of this area rug may be up to 10mm.
For decorating these area rugs most famous old classic designs like Oriental, Traditional, Persian, Gabbeh, Tribal, Floral, etc.
On a perfect transitional area rug, the border is absent.


The manufacturing of Transitional Area Rugs similar like all hand knotted area rugs. For making these rugs and carpets good quality material is used such as wool, silk, etc. While making these rugs, the makers always keep the background of the area rugs light so they can contrast art with high contrasting colors. For modern look border, the rug artesian makes it border less. Below, you can see perfect examples of Transitional Rugs.


The care of these area rugs is similar like other rugs. You can take care your transitional rugs by following some tips such as:
Keep cleaning your transitional area rug regularly by vacuuming or other techniques
Don’t smudge your transitional rug and carpet too much; it can damage your carpet.
Don’t try to pull rugs with loose ends of it.
Keep away your rug with moisture for this you can use the rug pad.
If any thread from any part comes out from the carpet then immediately cut from there, because it can damage the designs or pattern.


The online shopping trend is much popular now days globally, because there you can compare quality and prices. If you are planning to decorate your beautiful home by giving modern look then you must try transitional area rugs. There are many online rug stores to buy rugs and carpets online with exciting offers. ABC Decorative Rugs is one of the most trusted and popular online rug store in San Francisco, USA, so visit the store and buy your beautiful transitional area rug at affordable price with exciting offers. Enjoy Shopping.

Modern Rugs: The Latest Trend of 2017

With the New Year around the corner, we are pretty sure that everyone is looking to decorate and revamp his or her existing home decor space. Sometimes we also discuss how to upgrade our lifestyle with our friends, office colleagues, family members, etc. The best answer to this question that we ever got from them is Modernization. If you want to modernize your lifestyle then you must modernize your living place by installing some modern design products like Rugs for floor covering, lights for wall decor etc. but rugs can cover most of the portion of our living space of home and also covers the maximum sight of our guest. So, by installing beautiful modern rug can modernize our home effectively. Here we are suggesting some modern area rugs and will give you information, where you can buy these beautiful modern rugs.

Genesis Beige Border Rug

This beautiful decorative rug is a perfect example of modern area rugs. The Genesis Beige Border Rug is a beautiful combination of Persian motifs, elevated transitional and relaxed contemporaries  designs that give it a perfect modern look. To make it durable and better for high traffic areas this polypropylene rug is weaved by cross-woven technology. This area rug is ready to for installation at your home indoor or outdoor and increasing home attraction.

Modern Multi Wool Rug

If you want to decorate your home with a rug which is good in texture and full of pictures. The Modern Multi Wool Rug is made of good quality wool which is full of silky shine. This modern rug is full with a multicolour modern pattern to give your home interior a modern look. This is more durable due to Hand tufted technique used for making it. The Pile height is approx.25 to .50 inch. will give you a fluffy bouncy texture to you. So, in this rug, you will get the perfect combination of modern look and soft, shiny and fluffy texture.

Kharma Ii Blue Abstract Rug

The Kharma Ii Blue Abstract Rug is a beautiful piece of modern art. This modern rug looks beautiful with colourful flair designs. Because of polypropylene used to make craft it, this area rugs is very much durable. If you want to give your home a perfect modern look then this beautiful rug from Kharma collection is can be the best choice. This contemporarily designed area rug is ready for decorating your home by its modern look.

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